What Every Woman Gets To Ignore That Is Preventing Her From Getting Pregnant

Discover the tips and tricks several women have used to get pregnant Naturally even as you are reading this now 

Coach Yemisi (Natural Fertility Expert)

In the last couple of years i know you have  spent most of your time trying  to get pregnant, but to no avail  then when you actually wanted a baby, you realised it is harder than you thought.

For every story you hear about someone giving birth  there most be something different they have done speacial that you dont know of which lead to their Good Result .

But one thing i want you to know  is there are 10 More women desperatly trying to concieve so you are not alone in this .


MY name is coach Yemisi , a fertilty Specialist Who as helps and assisted over 5,000 nigerian women to over come several infertiliy issues like tubal blockage , early Menopause, fibroid, cysts, hormonal imbalace and how they can easily get pergnant using several natural therapy.

Sometimes it seems like a miracle that anyone actually gets pregnant.’  There are only six days a month when a woman is fertile enough to get pregnant: ovulation day (when the egg is released from the ovary) and the five days before that. It is down to the lifespan of the sperm (five days) and the egg (24 hours). 

3 Simple Lifestyle Changes That CAN Improve Your Chances Of Getting Pregnant

1. Eat a healthy, clean diet.

Maintaining a normal body weight and healthy diet can be very helpful for fertility. That's because for women, both body weight extremes can be detrimental: Becoming extremely underweight can mess with a woman’s hormonal balance and keep her from having a normal menstrual cycle, which can in turn prevent ovulation.

2.Become an expert on the female fertility cycle

Of course, it's helpful for couples to time sex to the appropriate stages of the month — which means understanding the female fertility cycle is very important. The first day of full flow (not just spotting) is always counted as the first day of the menstrual cycle. For many people who have a normal 28- to 30-day cycle, ovulation tends to occur around day 13 or 14.

Having sex past the ovulation period may be fantastic for a relationship but not for trying to conceive — at that point, the egg has already been released and conception for that month is no longer affected.

3. Make time for each other

No one gets pregnant without trying, so make plenty of time for each other and have sex regularly. But don't overdo it - sperm needs time to refresh and mature, give him 2-3 days off between attempts. Make sure the pressure to get pregnant isn't negatively affecting your relationship. Keep making time to enjoy the things you love doing together.

I know all the pains you have gone through looking for baby ,But i will show you how to naturally get pregnant easily. All you kneed do is fill in your proper details in the form bellow and you will be sent a 5 Page FREE report on the 8 Signs Of Infertility That Most Women Ignore thats preventing them from getting pregnant.

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